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Chin Augmentation and Facial Balance - Dr. Barry Eppley

The size and shape of one’s chin plays a major role in in how both the face and the neck appears. Having a well positioned chin can make the face look better balanced and give the neck a more shapely appearance. While the most common chin problem is that of being horizontally short (a weak chin), chins can also have other size problems including vertical (too short or too long in height) and width (too wide or too narrow) disproportions. Making the right diagnosis is critical in determining whether a chin implant or chin osteotomy or bone reshaping is more appropriate to your chin concern. Dr. Eppley always does a complete photographic and computer imaging analysis to determine what is the right chin procedure for you.

Chin Enhancements and Rivisional Chin Corrections

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Plastic surgery of the chin may be done alone or is often part of other facial plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelifts, neck liposuction and as part of a more complete structural facial surgical change. Revisions of prior chin surgeries is frequently done by Dr. Eppley to replace an inadequately sized or style of chin implant, adjust chin implant and chin bone asymmetries, or secondary correction of chin ptosis and lower lip incompetence from prior chin surgery. Dr. Eppley is also experienced in performing chin enhancements such as the the creation or reduction of central chin dimples and clefts.

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